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Liberty Newsletter February 2019
Don’t be flustered, take charge

The Finance Minister's National Budget Speech in February attracted widespread attention from local and international market commentators. It's easy to get caught up in the frenzy of sensationalism from family and friends and even media. However, it’s important that you leverage off the advice of the right people so that you can maintain your composure and focus on your personal financial goals.

In this issue, we take a closer look at what transpired in the budget speech and how it will affect the economy, investment environment as well as your household budget. We also provide some tips to protect your wealth and income earning potential and give seven insights to manage increasing stress levels in the cut-throat working environment.

The Budget Speech

Reassess your financial plans following the National Budget Speech

Vimal Chagan, Divisional Executive of Retail Savings and Investment Solutions at Liberty explains why middle to high income earners will feel the impact of these decisions the most.


Understanding the true cost of sin-taxed products

There’s a reason why government increases the cost of smoking and alcohol every year. Similarly, insurers add higher premiums or loading to smokers and drinkers, too. The cost of sin-taxed products isn’t limited to the user. It has a far reaching effect on your household and the economy.

Your Budget

Lessons for your personal budget from the National Budget Speech

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a finance minister? Well, if you earn an income, manage your monthly budget and make decisions with your money, you are the finance minister of your own money.

The Stash App

Stash updates its privacy settings

Stash is an app that invests your small change into some of South Africa’s biggest companies. One of the most popular ways to stash – investing the spare change – is being replaced with a new feature called ‘Daily Stashing’.

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Seven ways to manage stress in the workplace

Load shedding, the school run, traffic congestion and a dwindling economy. These are just some of the stresses you face on your drive to work every day. By the time you walk into your workplace, you may be ready to lose your mind. Stop! It doesn’t have to be that way.

Financial Protection

Protect your hard earned money from criminals

While many of us are concerned about the economic impact of local political events in South Africa, there is a far greater risk that threatens our financial well-being. It’s important that we do everything possible to protect ourselves and our families from criminal activity.


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