Forge a path to a brighter financial future this Heritage Month
Liberty Newsletter September 2018
Is your financial legacy sorted?

South Africa is a nation that’s rich with cultural diversity. Our history is steeped in historical challenges, but we’ve overcome these obstacles by setting our differences aside, joining forces and tapping into our potential for greatness.

This Heritage Month, all the expert contributors to this newsletter combined their knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the turbulent economic waters we’re currently sailing through. Use this information to your advantage so that you can set yourself and your family up for financial success, now and well into the future.

Whether it’s building a better relationship with the taxman, leaving a legacy of wealth to your children or living a healthier lifestyle, we’re confident that by focusing on the positive attributes our country has to offer and working together, we can forge a successful path to a brighter financial future.

Financial Advice

Build a positive legacy with holistic financial planning

Your family relies on you to take care of it, no matter the challenges we’re experiencing as a country today. Kobus Kleyn, Certified Financial Planner at Liberty reveals what you need to do to ensure that you leave a legacy of wealth for your family.



How to get SARS to subsidise your retirement

The mention of the word “tax” sends fear into the hearts of most South Africans. But there is a way to build a better relationship with SARS, pay less tax and increase your chance of retirement investment success. James Coutinho, Head of Group Corporate Tax at Liberty, tells us how.


Your Health

Guard your heart and your finances

We’ve all heard the adage, “prevention is better than cure.” When it comes to heart disease, nothing could be truer. Dr Dominique Stott, Liberty’s Chief Medical Officer, explains the causes of heart disease and how to prevent it from occurring in your home.


Investment Tips

Past investment success doesn’t determine future performance

It’s easy to get swept up in the negativity plaguing both local and global markets. It can cause investors to panic, make drastic decisions and take significant losses. Liberty Financial Adviser Carlo Gil shows us how to look past the negativity and find gains when others see losses.



Affordable ways to celebrate South Africa’s rich heritage

Celebrating Heritage Day can be an expensive affair that eats away at your budget. That’s why we’ve scoured the country to find a list of exciting activities that will help you to celebrate our cultural adversity without breaking your bank.


Liberty News

Convert your life cover into a monthly income

Liberty has enhanced its Lifestyle Protector Offering with the Death Income feature, which means that you can choose to have a monthly income paid to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. This ensures that money is available to reduce the financial impact of your death.


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